Coin Mining Direct — Scam or Legit? (In-depth Review)

I started in 2017 mining Bitcoin in my garage. Over the past 4 years, I’ve learned important lessons about how to find reliable suppliers of crypto miners.

Finding a good supplier to buy mining equipment is not an easy task. But I will help you weed out scammers and low-quality retailers.

In this review, we will take a closer look at CoinMiningDirect — a third-party retailer with offices in Sweden and Los Angeles (USA). I will go through the main points, such as product quality, stock availability, shipping terms, payment methods, etc.

Customer experience is crucial for every store. CoinMiningDirect’s website is well-designed and easily navigable. Without any trouble, I’ve found the products and information I needed.

I contacted support to find out about the condition of their used ASIC miners. I was shocked that the support team responded to my email within 20 minutes.

CoinMiningDirect has the fastest delivery times I could find: 2–3 days for domestic orders and only 3–5 days for international shipping. It is also important to mention that they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over $500.

The store accepts payments via cryptocurrency and credit/debit card payment using a third-party processor — SimpleSwap. You can check the “Payment options” tab on their website for a payment guide.

CoinMiningDirect is the first website I’ve seen that accepts credit and debit cards, most don’t because it’s pretty common for people to buy an expensive ASIC and then call their bank to issue a chargeback once they receive the miner.

Customer Experience Score: 10/10

I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of goods on the site. All listed miners were in stock, either used or new, compared to other third-party retailers who fall short of inventory management and end up with many items out of stock.

CoinMiningDirect offers a wide range of equipment. You can purchase both new and used ASICs, GPUs, and even new Hotspot miners. One thing that is a bit lacking is the variety of ASICs could be bigger.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the discounts on several items. I ordered a used Bitmain Antminer S17 + for $3,799.95, which saved me $2,500! I haven’t seen a retailer that provides up to 40% off the price of the product.

Product Stocking Score: 9/10

I have selected several popular crypto miners to compare the pricing. I checked CoinMiningDirect competitors, such as CoinMiningCentral and CryptoMinerBros, as well as Amazon and Ebay. The costs for the new products on CoinMiningDirect and CryptoMinerBros are practically the same. However, you can save a considerable amount of cash with CoinMiningDirect if you buy a used miner.

CoinMiningCentral, on average, sets higher prices than competitors. The most expensive seller of crypto mining equipment is Amazon. That is logical, since it most Amazon sellers are just scalpers, while Coin Mining Direct orders new equipment from manufacturers and used equipment from large mining companies.

You can see the comparison table below:

Prices as of Aug 21th, 2021

Pricing Score: 10/10

I decided to order a used Bitmain Antminer S17+ and a new Bobcat Helium Miner.

It took me only a minute to pay for the order in USDC from my Coinbase account. After 3 days of wondering if I would get my order or not, it was delivered!

You need to be careful with used mining equipment. After the receipt, you need to check it immediately as some sellers send you either damaged or non-functional equipment.

The used Antminer looked almost new with no obvious cosmetic damage. The Bobcat Helium Miner arrived sealed in a box, fully completed.

So far, CoinMiningDirect is blowing me away. The hotspot miners are my new favorites due to their low power consumption and quiet operation.

Quality of Equipment Score: 10/10

I’ve made a comparison table with three popular websites that are selling mining equipment:

CoinMiningDirect is one of the few vendors that offers not only ASICs but also GPUs and Hotspot miners. Despite the broad product range presented on the CoinMiningCentral and CryptoMinerBros website, they offer only ASIC miners. In addition, two competitors are struggling with inventory management as no more than 15% of products from the total are in stock.

It’s worth noting that CoinMiningDirect also excels in delivery times while also offering free worldwide shipping.

CoinMiningCentral and CryptoMinerBros have the option to pay with a direct bank transfer. Personally speaking, bank wire is the most inconvenient and slow payment method. CoinMiningDirect allows paying with debit or credit online via SimpleSwap service that is fast, secure, and convenient.

My total score for CoinMiningDirect is 9.75/10

CoinMiningDirect offers great pricing with their used miners, the best payment options, and fastest shipping times.

So far it is definitely my new favorite source for buying mining equipment. I highly recommend them if you want to set up a new mining farm.

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