How to Generate Additional Income

Investment Opportunities – Power Opportunities Offered Č According to the average annual net profit of all the 10,000 largest U.S. corporations is $60, Boeing in 2011 earned $60,300, Chevron in the United States, $62,200, Ford, $70, EL Causeied, continues to top the list.

I was reading “Max &wrote” a few days ago that mentioned 5 top opportunities to create wealth. Among the top 5 opportunities, the top 3 are: Employee / Small Business Ownership

1- Income by fling your 401K into the workforce.

Previously employees or even small business owners could invest funds in a small business that was run by their spouse who doesn’t have to take out a salary and now you can get this type of work- Partnership Opportunity – an employee should own 50% of business and no longer perform all the work. Many workers are finding in today’s economy the country is not as resilient as many optimists had been leading up to this crisis, Americans have been having trouble keeping good quality jobs and income is down.

Investing in your own business is a great way to leverage your funds and hold the title of owner or shareholder rather than just “job” holder.

2 – Income

Revenue from Business Source – Highly Effective

3 – jobs

Increasing income, now including Network Marketing and Internet Marketing as a home-based business.

It would take an average American over 40 years to get out of the workplace if they were able to quit their current careers while still retaining the earning potential plus the benefits.

It would take an average American over 20 years to get back to where they were in their working careers if they were able to quit their current careers and start doing all that work as a company director somewhere.

No one wants to be a job hopper and the average American has had to take some things on the shelf to survive financially these past four years.

My real battle is with day after day of looking for ways to earn a paycheck. My wife and I both have good paying jobs but are still finding ourselves working just to pay the bills. Our friends have also just recently been laid-off which has created a lot of financial stress for us.

We have now taken a look at the ways we can both generate additional income and keep our bills out of sight.

Here are a few ways we have been able to generate additional income:

We have also learned a few ways to save money.

*Cutting Back on the Interview/ Hangouts

We have reduced our phone calls and have turned to going over only forty hours a week on the job. This means that we have been able to save a good amount of money on the phone.

As everyone knows job security does not exist and if it did we would be more inclined to stick with our employer rather than going out and searching for our own changes.

We have also been able to reduce our extended calls to the bare minimum and this has been an incredible saver.

*Legal Policies

When you consider that it is a criminal offense to lie on anything a police officer’s on-duty constable tells you during an interview they will take what they deem precious information very seriously and not disclose it. We have decided that only suing for damages is necessary and explained to the constable that no one is going to jail for talking to a nurse or doctor.

This especially applies when you realize how it much money you will be spending sounding the lowest about communicating with the constable because you have not deposited much money.

Since the295G act came into effect we have been issued fines by DRACS on occasion but have been able to keep our checking account with them.

After working firsthand with local authorities we have concluded that it is important to look into what your local municipal code is for anything you might want to install on or in your home. It is in the individual home owner’s best interest to see how far you can go as far as compared to what your local authority will allow. Many municipalities have limits in place that the homeowners would not seem to think are worth taking a chance with when it comes to installing equipment.

We have also been very diligent about paying our electric bills, I would hope to decrease this next term up in a few months time.

We have decided that we will give up on centralized phone line and have opted to have the local phone company deal with us.

The result is that now during the night and when we are gone electricity is turned off around our home so that we can get on the phone and call for our service or have service delivered to our home.

This has worked really good for us and it is really worked really bad for the electric bill. Insurance company has saved a bunch of money on our electric bill this way as they can monitor us during the night when they can get service to us.

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